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A look behind the scenes and 3 questions to Sebastian Herkner about his home office


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What was important to you for the design of your home workspace? Did you go through a kind of trial and error phase? 

This small workplace with the Orcus has been here since I moved into my flat around three years ago; however, it was never planned as a home office but rather as a place for collecting my thoughts and writing letters. Now, in the current situation, the space is naturally getting a little small for me as a designer since I am usually surrounded by materials, books and tools. Therefore, I sometimes go to the studio, which is five minutes away from here.

How do you stay productive at home? 

It is definitely a different way of working. Currently, an intensive dialog about my current projects is developing with my partner, who in the past would only occasionally come to my studio. 

Do the decorative objects on your desk have a personal history? 

Yes, there’s a large splinter of pink glass on the desk that I found two years ago in a glass casting shop in Venice, Italy. It is special to me because it contains all of the energy and magic of this material. 

A small clay turtle brought home from a holiday on Bali is placed on the left of the secretary desk, and a sculpture titled “Dreimal und abermals dreimal” by Gregor Hildebrandt on the right. The glass artwork on the wall was made by young Spanish artist Julia Llerena, who deals with her home in her work and apparently catalogues fragments of her immediate environment in this piece.

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