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A look behind the scenes and 3 questions to Tilla Goldberg about her home office

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What was important to you for the design of your home workspace? Did you go through a kind of trial and error phase? 

My home is a collage of very personal rooms and furniture. Not so much a designer’s home than a journey that represents my life to date. Almost everything has a story. For the small workspace with the Pegasus Home Desk, my first design for ClassiCon, and the Aërias Chair, I naturally designed the products in such a way that they would perfectly fit in here ;-) However, who would have thought that I would ever be using both SO intensively? – And it’s working out super!

How do you stay productive at home? 

We are a team of almost 100 designers, interior designers, architects and materials experts across three sites – Stuttgart, Berlin, and Shanghai. Currently, my concern is not so much how to stay productive but rather how I can withdraw from the rectangular video call box to explore new daily routines. I find that very exciting!

Will you tell us the story about the white rabbit that appears twice in your home office? 

Follow the white rabbit! The rabbit is something I found in Paris and, at the time, it immediately awakened my nostalgia for Alice in Wonderland. It regularly reminds me to observe the world from unusual perspectives. That helps!! So it also made it into the large lenticular picture, in which the rabbit can sometimes be seen and sometimes disappears – depending on the observer’s perspective.

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