ClassiCon Announces New Management Team

ClassiCon’s 30th corporate anniversary comes with a realignment of the management: Larissa Sarjeant, who joined the company in mid-2020, will take over the management of the operative business in the role of CEO, while Owner Oliver Holy will entirely focus on managing his company’s creative business. This decision is fully in line with the family-run company’s successful tradition: combining the proven with the new.

“ClassiCon has experienced excellent progress over the past several years. In order to maintain this momentum, I want to focus even more on the expansion of the collection and the overlapping areas of design, art and culture,” said Owner Oliver Holy, explaining his decision.

Larissa Sarjeant, who was most recently Sales Director at the fashion company comma, has been CEO of the internationally active company since August. She believes that her new area of responsibility has plenty of potential: “With our range of products, ClassiCon fills an interesting niche in the world of high-quality furniture design. Especially when it comes to business and sales processes, I perceive exciting overlaps between the fashion and interior design industries.”

Both managers intend to preserve the continual success of three decades of corporate history: “The well-balanced mix of 20th century classics and extraordinary contemporary designs still forms the core of our brand identity,” the two managers explained.

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