Our love of craftsmanship

Although our designers and their designs are cosmopolitan, we are down-to-earth when it comes to the selection of our production partners. Our furniture is not mass produced by machines but receive their form thanks to sophisticated craftsmanship. Many of our production partners are family-run businesses. We have known all of them personally for a long time, and they are all masters of their trade. They share our passion for the best materials and precision craftsmanship, and they make ClassiCon products unmistakable and distinctive.


More than 80 metres of leather strap are woven onto a wooden frame for each Aërias chair – the pattern’s uniform appearance is the result of proper tensioning, for which the perfect interaction between the eyes and hands of the experienced master is indispensable.

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Aërias Sessel
Bell Table

Hand-blown glass

No machine in the world is able to match the artistic skills of an experienced glass blower. Large pieces, such as our Bell Table, require craftsmanship and decades of experience. Each hand-blown product is a unique piece, none looks like another.

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Here, the strong saddle leather cover of the Pegasus desk is cut by hand with masterful precision and experience.

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Rug Production

A partnership that provides ethically and ecologically sustainable conditions!

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We pay attention to the highest possible quality

Handmade in Germany & Italy

All of our craft businesses are headquartered in Germany or northern Italy and, since 2020, also in Portugal. The majority of them even in our immediate vicinity of Munich, which has always been known for excellent, highly specialised manufactories.

Special productions

Due to the proximity of our manufacturers and the largely manual processing, we can also offer customized versions of our contemporary furniture in the case of larger orders. Special productions are developed and correspondingly manufactured in a project-based way.



Because we care about the world

Our furniture benefits from the close exchange between designers, developers, suppliers and craftspeople, and it acts against the omnipresent throw-away mentality. The experience of our experts in material selection and processing leads to durable products that survive the passage of time with respect to their technology and aesthetics, age in dignity and are used for generations. Our customers consciously decide to purchase something durable, of valuable quality and hence sustainable.

Individual elements of our furniture can be easily exchanged and ordered for years. Our products are made of materials that can be recycled. This also applies to the building materials used for our corporate headquarters: concrete, steel, glass and wood, without formwork and air conditioning systems.

In our sourcing, we care about quality and also short distances and geographical proximity to the manufacturers. They are crafts businesses that have been handing down their skills for generations and whose careful and conscious handling of materials defines our appreciation. The basis for the durability of our products is formed by the responsibility and respect for time and natural resources.

Paris Exibition:

The "Eileen Gray - Non Conformist" exhibition will be extended until 26 February!!

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