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Our history and what defines us

Good furniture is like a good friend: somebody we like to have around and who accompanies us through life, wherever it may take us. We have been producing this kind of furniture since 1990. At the time, ClassiCon emerged from the traditional Vereinigte Werkstätten in Munich.

The licenses for the designs by famous designers of classic modernism, including Eileen Gray, Eckart Muthesius and Otto Blümel, formed the cornerstone for today’s collection. Soon, furniture by contemporary designers such as Sebastian Herkner, Neri & Hu, Konstantin Grcic and Jader Almeida followed. From the beginning, ClassiCon intentionally created a suspenseful relationship between classics and contemporary design.

Owner Oliver Holy has had a lasting impact on the family-run company with his passion for design, architecture and art for almost 20 years now. Since mid-2020, he and CEO Larissa Sarjeant have been jointly managing ClassiCon.



A place for perspectives and farsightedness …

Our Corporate Headquarters in Munich

The place our furniture is created is just as timeless and classic as the furniture itself. Since 2003, ClassiCon’s showroom, offices and warehouse have been located in a building designed by architect Joachim Jürke. With its reduced aesthetics, authentic materials such as glass, concrete and wood, and the omission of air conditioning it reflects our mission statement to always focus on the essential.

In our ClassiCon showroom we always have a representative selection from our collection on display. We absolutely welcome your visit on site!

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Paris Exibition:

The "Eileen Gray - Non Conformist" exhibition will be extended until 26 February!!

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