Licensing Rights

Responsibility for masterly designs

The ClassiCon logo on our products guarantees that they are original designs produced with the approval of the rights owners. Our designers can rely on being integrated in the process of bringing their designs into serial production and that no changes are made without their approval. For us, the respect for their creative achievement constitutes the foundation for trustful cooperation.

Our Promise

We guarantee that only high-quality materials and processing technologies are used for the production of our products while complying with all ecological regulations, and that each piece of furniture has undergone thorough quality control.


Our Classics

Eileen Gray, Otto Blümel, Eckart Muthesius and Herbert H. Schultes: the licenses for the designs by famous designers of classic modernism formed the basis for our company’s foundation. ClassiCon is a responsible manufacturer of furniture classics of modernism and contemporary design.


The Eileen Gray Collection

Eileen Gray’s work in design and architecture is considered pioneering work of modernism. She is one of the few women who are mentioned in the same breath with Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. As the highlight of her career, she was named “Royal Designer of Industry” by the Royal Society of Art in London. In the 1970s, the designer began a cooperation with Zeev Aram to bring her furniture, carpets and lamps into series production. In 1973, she transferred the worldwide rights to the production and distribution of her designs to Aram Designs Ltd. London. ClassiCon is the only licensee in the world to produce and distribute the Eileen Gray Collection.

Eileen Gray


A Question of Honour

Original versus plagiarism

“Plagiarisms of designs from the ClassiCon collection are distributed as copyright infringements – often by illegally mentioning the name of the designer or our original manufacturer’s brand. Of course, illegally manufactured plagiarisms are always cheaper than the originals – not only because the quality of the product is inferior but also because the plagiarists do not have any design and development costs since they do not have to pay licence fees to the designers or to their legal descendants for their design or creative performance, and they do not have to take care of a network of trade partners who serve as your personal contact partners. Guarantees and service operations such as spare parts supply is something you cannot count on. We all suffer the damages. As customers, you are led to believe you are dealing with a high-quality brand product. As manufacturers, we suffer in several ways; in addition to the considerable economic damage, we are also confronted with damage to our company’s reputation.”

Oliver Holy

Adjustable Table E 1027 and Tube Light – the most often copied products designed by Eileen Gray. How do I distinguish the plagiarism from the original?



In addition to the brand labelling on our products, significant quality characteristics distinguish a ClassiCon original from a copy. Read more about it in our brochure Original versus Plagiarism.



In good hands

Authorised dealers

We want you to have the best possible experience with our products and therefore recommend that you purchase them from authorised ClassiCon dealers only. Whether in a specialist shop or online, regarding consulting, purchase or customer service, our carefully selected retail partners offer you a level of quality and service that meets the highest standards. We can guarantee the authenticity of the product only through them, assuring that you do not purchase valueless counterfeit products.

Our authorised dealers

Paris Exibition:

The "Eileen Gray - Non Conformist" exhibition will be extended until 26 February!!

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