Lantern Light Table Lamp, Neri&Hu 2017

In our everyday existence, light serves us by enhancing everything around it, while it is often neglected itself. Here, the inspiration comes from the quintessential source of light; like its ancient predecessor, the fiery torch, this design simply consists of an upright rod with an illuminated tip. Celebrating the glorious spectacle of light itself, the tinted glass shade is a modest attachment that branches off the main support to gently shield its centerpiece.

Table lamp. Frame natural, burnished or copper-plated solid brass, with clear varnish. Lamp shade made of hand-blown grey crystal glass. Diffusor opal glass white satinfinished. Dimmable. Customised LED light included. Plug-in power supply with interchangeable plugs for Europe, UK, Australia and USA. Felt gliders in black.

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Lantern Light Table Lamp copper-plated brass

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