Taidgh Shelf D

Taidgh O'Neill, 2019

Sculpture or shelf, storage surface or object – the various models of the Taidgh series created by the Californian designer Taidgh O’Neill move within these poles. Surfaces provide room for storage and the presentation of beautiful things; carefully selected solid wood provides a strong and vibrant surface due to its natural grain. The special charm of the objects results from the fragmented construction of different elements that are connected in unusually sophisticated ways. Like symbols or emblems, they design the surface on which they are mounted.

Versions A and B of the series can be combined to create a new and independent object. Extraordinary points of attachment and proportions of the laths emphasize the sculptural appearance. Model C includes a surprising accent due to an angle made of polished copper. The wood enters into a harmonious relationship with the warm copper colour. “I am interested in making things look broken and yet stable in that brokenness”, explains O’Neill about his process of working with natural materials and minimally assembled configurations.



Two become one: models A and B can be used individually or in combination.


In Detail

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Shelf. Shelf, connection parts and laths solid oak or walnut, natural, oiled with silk matte surface.


Natural solid oak

Natural solid oak

Natural solid walnut

Natural solid walnut

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Taidgh O'Neill

The artist and architect Taidgh O’Neill lives and works in Los Angeles, California. With his background as a trained craftsman and studies of fine arts, the designer combines references to abstract painting and sculpture in his objects.


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