Bell Side Table Copper Special Edition

Sebastian Herkner, 2013

The Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner turns our perceptual habits on their head, using the lightweight, fragile material of glass as base for a metal top that seems to float above it. Hand-blown in the traditional manner using a wooden mould, the transparent tinted glass base asserts a sculptural presence in space, contrasting intriguingly with the solid brass frame on top while also forming with it a harmonious unit recalling the elegant curving silhouette of a bell.

With its appealing reflective surfaces and contrasting materials, the side table adds a distinctive touch to domestic interiors. It celebrates the beauty of the materials with their colours and surfaces, along with the artisanal tradition. The Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner is a masterwork of traditional hand craftsmanship. Each table is handmade, meaning that small bubbles or bumps in the glass are a characteristic feature.

Objects are the most beautiful when they reveal their history. With charming irregularities, the hand-blown glass tells the story of the art of glassmaking – over the course of the years, the untreated copper ages, developing a unique patina.


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Handcrafted side table. Hand-blown glass base in quartz grey. Metal top frame solid copper, unvarnished, with crystal glass tabletop, black lacquered


Quartz grey

Quartz grey

Top frame

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Natural, brushed

Natural, brushed


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Black lacquered

Black lacquered

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Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner became famous with his Bell Table for ClassiCon, and is one of the most important designers of his generation.


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