Nymphenburg Coat Stand

Otto Blümel, 1908

It is a sign of a most mature culture when articles of everyday use also come to catch the aesthetic eye. Otto Blümel‘s coat stand Nymphenburg is an archetypal classic of its genre: one can imagine it in a Paris bistro as well as in a villa in Salzburg. A design classic that stands the test of time, because Nymphenburg is already over 110 years old. With its nickel-plated or black nickel-plated finish, or powder-coated in black, it now perfectly fits in with any stylish ambience.

Designed in 1908, Nymphenburg is still an undisputed classic of modernism.

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Coat stand. Brass, powder-coated in black or nickel-plated.


Black powder-coated

Black powder-coated



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Otto Blümel

Otto Blümel was director of the United Workshops for Art in Craftsmanship in Munich, when he designed the Nymphenburg coat rack. His design is entirely under the sign of the new ideals of his time: It focuses on making functionality visible and the appreciation of craftsmanship. This timeless design is still valid today.  


Paris Exibition:

The "Eileen Gray - Non Conformist" exhibition will be extended until 26 February!!

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