Piega Mirror Object Large

Victoria Wilmotte, 2018

With her Piega Mirror, French designer Victoria Wilmotte brings an object of unusual crystalline elegance and astonishing geometry to living environments. The mirror-polished stainless steel makes the surface of the object look like transparent mirrored surfaces. The bends and folds that gave Piega its name create a fascinating play with the refraction of light and colour reflections in any room. With its three-dimensional structure, the mirror thus becomes a vivid object.


Convex or concave? Piega doesn’t reveal it at first glance and surprises its users with faceted reflections.



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Decorative design object. High-gloss polished stainless steel. For horizontal or vertical use. Also available in the sizes small and medium.

Stainless steel

Natural mirror-polished

Natural mirror-polished

All dimensions are in the unit cm.

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Victoria Wilmotte

Victoria Wilmotte’s method of working can be compared to that of a sculptor. Despite her use of industrial materials and machines, her work is a finely coordinated crafting process: She minutely weighs volumes and empty spaces and removes material until she finds the perfect angle, curve, and surface. She knows how to surprise the observer with unusual materials.


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