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Discover our novelties: In November, ClassiCon presented the new Eileen Gray rug designs for the first time.

New Rugs Eileen Gray, 1926-1935

Eileen Gray not only created some of the most iconic 20th century furniture classics but also ran a studio where rugs were produced based on her designs. Some of her most beautiful designs are part of the rug collection by ClassiCon. They are all based on Eileen Gray’s gouaches and pencil drawings from the 1920-30s.

Forma Table Lamp Christian Haas, 2023

The designs of the German designer Christian Haas, who lives and works in Porto, are characterised by their timeless clarity and subtle elegance. At the Salone del Mobile Milano 2023, ClassiCon presented the Forma table lamp designed by him: the body of this new interpretation of a classic desk lamp, which is as sculptural as it is homely, is made entirely of solid wood.

Plisseé Pendant Lamp Sebastian Herkner, 2023

As with the Plissée Floor Lamp from 2020, the lampshade of the hanging version balances in the air like a delicate balloon of light. The artfully pleated structure made of mouth-blown opal glass is elaborately handcrafted and gives Sebastian Herkner's lamp its soft, fabric-like appearance.

Monolith Rug Eileen Gray, 1926-1935

Monolith is characterised by beige horizontal and vertical lines of varying lengths that elegantly accentuate the earthy-looking dark grey background. In places, the lines cross without touching - they suggest a structure that seems to divide the carpet into square spaces of different sizes. This design is based on gouaches and pencil drawings from the 1920s, which the Irish designer made as carpet designs and which ClassiCon has now translated into a 200 cm x 300 cm carpet made of 100 % finest new wool.

Bell Side Table Marble Sebastian Herkner, 2023

The famous side table by Sebastian Herkner is now also available in different marble versions. In addition, a new colour has been added to the design: Olive green.

Corker No.1 Marble Herzog & de Meuron, 2023

The Corker could almost be understood as a Pop Art object, because it emerged directly and without significant transformation by enlarging an object that exists in our everyday culture.
Jacques Herzog

Not only aesthetically, but also haptically, the furniture made of polished or matt marble is highly appealing: the tactile properties of natural stone invite you to touch the material - the Corker No. 1 Marble feels soft and smooth to the touch.

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Paris Exibition:

The "Eileen Gray - Non Conformist" exhibition will be extended until 26 February!!

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