Aerias Lounge Chair by Tilla Goldberg

Tilla Goldberg’s Aërias series now presents itself in various colours: combinations in coco, cognac, and grey were added to the black version. The graphic pattern of the traditional Vienna wickerwork in the two-tone version is a special eye catcher. Aërias is available as a chair and as a lounge chair

Taidgh Shelf D by Taidgh O'Neill

“I am interested in making things look broken and yet stable in that brokenness”, explains O’Neill about his working process. And so the special charm of the objects results from the fragmented construction of different elements. The shelves are available in oak or walnut in the versions Taidgh Shelf A, Taidgh Shelf B, Taidgh Shelf C and Taidgh Shelf D.

Bow Coffee Table in Marmor by Guilherme Torres

The ensemble of the Bow Coffee Tables by Guilherme Torres is expanded in 2019: the Bow table no. 3 is now also available in a version completely made of white or black marble.

Day Bed by Eileen Gray and Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner

New versions for the Day Bed by Eileen Gray in 2019. Day Bed Black Version: the Day Bed is now also available with a black frame. Day Bed Grand: In agreement with the licence holder, we now also offer the Day Bed in a longer version as well. Also new 2019: Bell Table with hew marble versions.